Casper Curbside Recycling

WWBC Success Story  – Casper Curbside Recycling

Casper Curbside Recycling
Heather & Brad Adels

“Growth Means Impact for Casper Recycling Business”

As a young married couple, Brad and Heather Adels were living in their hometown of Casper, WY, and going about their lives, building their careers and growing a family. The Adels family was then recycling just a few things, mainly aluminum cans, when Heather saw a real need in the community. There was no pick-up recycling service option in town, as recycling was offered only through drop-off depot stations scattered throughout the city.

Casper Curbside Recycling bins

Casper Curbside Recycling bins

As a child, Adels says she remembers learning about the concept of recycling, and the difference that just one person could make. When the couple realized there was a need to be filled, they knew their place was one that could make an impact.

“I remember telling Brad, ‘We can totally do this!’” says Adels. “Recycling takes effort, time, can be messy and who wants to fight those nasty winds, snow and mud at the depots?” And so, Casper Curbside Recycling, LLC (CCR) was born in 2014.

The Adels structured the business to differentiate themselves as the recycling option that comes to customers, rather than customers needing to make their own deposits. CCR collects all commonly recycled items for Casper and the surrounding area. “We provide collection of recyclables for both residents and businesses,” says Adels. “CCR provides the bins, does the sorting and ensures that items get to their proper location, twice a month on their residential trash day.”

CCR also serves businesses, who have a variety of needs, volumes and visions for their recycling programs. “We adjust collection according to those factors,” says Adels. For commercial customers, CCR has implemented a program called, “Businesses That Care,” rewarding businesses for responsible and “green” practices.

Casper Curbside Recycling - Recycling Rigbee

Casper Curbside Recycling – Recycling Rigbee

As CCR started to grow, it became apparent to the Adels they would need additional equipment, specifically a truck that would handle the size and volume of recyclables that they were collecting. Adels was referred to the Wyoming Women’s Business Center (WWBC) by the Small Business Administration (SBA), who felt CCR would be a good candidate for assistance. The Adels began looking into the WWBC IDA matched savings program, which would be used for the payment of a new work truck to help with collection.

“I thought at the time that the WWBC’s IDA program had to be too good to be true,” says Adels. “But after doing a bit of research, I realized we were a great fit for the IDA’s matched savings funds.” Pleased to be accepted, Adels proceeded with setting up a separate savings account and began the required WiseUp financial advising online training.

“As a new business owner, I really appreciated that I could work on bits and pieces of the training as I had time,” says Adels. “Each month I would report my savings to the WWBC until I had saved the max amount that they would match. Piece of cake! And they were so great to work.”

“Who can’t use education to improve your financial status,” says Adels. “We have continued the monthly savings habit for when the business needs another asset or should our equipment in place need to be repaired.”

CCR has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2014, and they credit this not only to their customers for aligning with their goals and recycling beliefs, but the assistance they received through organizations such as the WWBC.

“We feel such reward in providing this much-needed service to the people of Casper, and are proud to be giving back to our town,” says Adels. “I would absolutely refer other new business owners to look into the WWBC IDA program, and I hope to continue this great working relationship with the awesome folks at the WWBC.”

“We have learned so much, met such wonderful people and, just as they said during our schooling days

– we truly are making a difference,” says Adels. “And with the help of our customers and with assistance such as the WWBC has provided, our impact really will be elevated.”