Access to Capital

The WWBC offers a MicroLoan Program and an Individual Savings Account Program (IDA) to help entrepreneurs finance the start-up or expansion of their businesses. The Wyoming Women’s Business Center’s Loan Program was started to provide access to funds for those unable to get loans through traditional means. The Center is now accepting applications for microloans of $500 to $25,000 to help fund business start-ups and up to $50,000 for expansions. You must be a resident of Wyoming or your business must be located and registered within the State of Wyoming to apply for either of the programs. We also work with local banks and economic development organizations to coordinate funding resources to help meet your business needs.

A full-time loan counselor is available to provide guidance through every step of the loan process. For more information about our MicroLoan Program and to review the checklist and application Click Here or or call the Center at (307) 460-3943 or email

Individual Development Accounts

Not interested or don’t think you will qualify for a loan for your business needs? Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s) are matched savings accounts that can help you save money toward starting or expanding your own business, purchasing or repairing a home, or continuing your education which would assist you in starting or improving your business. To learn more about the IDA Program and qualifications please Click Here or call the Center at (307) 460-3943 (toll free in Wyoming 1-888-524-1947) or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ahhhsome Relaxation, LLC

A Business Success Story

relaxationStress is something that everyone has experienced at some time in their lives and can be counted as a contributing factor in many mental and physical ailments. In fact, an estimated 75 to 90 percent of all visits to health care providers are due to stress-related conditions. To help people deal with this “fact” of life, business partners Alyce Jeppesen and Shawn Tolman came up with the concept of providing a sensory oasis to help people escape from the stress and worries of the outside world.

Ahhhsome Relaxation builds upon the health spa concept to provide customers a retreat where they can immerse themselves in a series of private stations where state of the art, scientifically proven equipment utilizes patented technology to provide relief from stress, pain, tension, soreness and depression. Science has shown that these treatments increase oxygenation, metabolic rate, detoxification, blood circulation, and lymphatic activation, as well as providing a host of other beneficial results in the treatment of many medical conditions.

After preparing their business plan, conducting a market survey and completing their research, Alyce and Shawn began looking for financing to open an Ahhhsome Relaxation center. They were disappointed to find that no lenders were willing to loan to a new startup concept & business. They then turned to the Wyoming Women’s Business Center and were able to close on a micro loan to purchase the necessary equipment to open a proof of concept pilot location in Evanston, WY. Since opening for business in April, 2014, they have seen phenomenal growth, so much so, that they applied for a second loan in July of that year for additional equipment. They are now opening a full size center in Idaho Falls, Idaho and have franchises in 7 states set to open in the next year. For more information on Ahhhsome Relaxation, please email