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Women-Owned Spotlight


Alicia Crispell Photography

Alicia Crispell • Casper, WY

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From managing the books to running the shoot and fine-tuning details for her client's portrait delivery, Alicia Crispell is a one-woman solopreneur and the owner of Alicia Crispell Photography. 

In August of 2021, Crispell celebrated ten years of business capturing Casper’s families, newborns, and corporate clients, as well as a broadened reach thanks to a collaborative commercial with another local creative service provider.


“With all the uncertainty of COVID and the survival of my business, I knew I had to think outside the box and try something new and capture a new audience,”  Crispell said. 


With financial assistance from the Wyoming Women’s Business Center’s COVID 19 Support Program, Crispell hired Stengel Media to help her spread the word about her boudoir portrait sessions, created to celebrate and empower women. Together, they hired a model and makeup artist and created a commercial, highlighting the expanded services for a new Casper clientele.


“Without assistance from WWBC, I wouldn’t have done anything like this,” Crispell said. 


Crispell utilized the WWBC COVID-19 Support Program’s flagship offering: B2B Digital Design Services. WWBC matched clients with local or regional small business vendors to create all the necessary elements required to enhance their existing online presence or develop a new e-commerce website. Christine Langley, COVID-19 Director, said, “I want to hire Wyoming small businesses to help our clients survive and thrive online during this pandemic and beyond.” 


The collaborative project not only drew in a new audience to Crispell’s business in the face of budgeting challenges brought on by the pandemic but offered support to the partners hired to help create the commercial. “All parties involved had the opportunity for growth,” Crispell said. 

“[This opportunity] pushed me outside my comfort zone,” Crispell continued. “It’s necessary to go through challenges for growth. All around, it was a beautiful thing.”

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