If my business is not woman-owned, will I qualify to participate in these programs?

Yes. WWBC does not discriminate.

Does my business need to be women-owned certified to participate in these programs?

No. WWBC does not discriminate and we do not require any certifications to receive program support and training.

Can my business participate in these programs if I operate my business outside Wyoming?

No. All businesses participating must be registered to operate in the state of Wyoming.

B2B Vendors

Will the domain/hosting costs be counted toward the $10,000 vendor limit?

Yes, SBA does not allow us to pay any vendor over $10K, therefore, this cost will be included in the vendor limit.

Can I use the B2B Digital Design Service resource to partially pay for a larger project?

Yes. For example, if the project requires 12 hours of photography work, the vendor may invoice WWBC to the maximum amount we offer ($600) - and invoice the client for the remainder. The Scope of Work should state which costs are due to WWBC, and which are due to the client.

Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses?

No, the only reimbursable expenses are for domain and hosting services. Vendors are responsible for all costs required to complete the project, including travel costs.

B2B Clients

Does the $3,000 client limit include domain/hosting costs?

Yes, each client will have a total budget of $3,000, regardless of what services they choose.

I need a website; How do I get started?

First, become a WWBC client by filling out the SBA form 641. You can contact a vendor directly about your project or email Veronica to get connected with a vendor.

I already have a website and just need some help with photography and graphic design. Can I just sign up for those services?

Yes! As a WWBC client you have the opportunity to select the creative services that make sense for your business.

Marketing Outreach and Crowdfunding

My business does not currently use social media for marketing. Am I eligible for this service?

Yes! Outreach counseling is available to all clients, regardless of expertise. You will work one-on-one with a marketing counselor to build and develop a social media strategy unique to your business' needs.

Should my business be using social media?

Yes. Social media is a communication tool that allows you to connect with your community and build loyal customers. Individuals are looking to digital platforms to stay up-to-date with the businesses in their area, especially in the face of COVID-19. Learn more about the free outreach services from WWBC.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a tool, typically used on an online platform, for businesses to raise money to finance projects by asking their audience for small contributions in return for a reward, pre-sale of a product, or service. Unlike traditional financing, crowdfunding helps you raise capital while also serving as a marketing tool to engage with the customers and stakeholders who support your business.

What is The Local Crowd®?

The Local Crowd® ( is a Wyoming based rural crowdfunding platform that provides an online platform for small businesses and organizations to host capital raising campaigns.

Is my business a good fit for a crowdfunding campaign?

Likely, yes! Each business has potential to host a unique campaign that supports their needs, as well as their customer’s. This process looks different from business to business, which is why your outreach counselor will connect you with multiple industry resources and work one-on-one to help determine the best strategy to launch a campaign primed for success. Sign up to start planning your project!

QuickBooks® Advising

My business does not currently use an accounting/bookkeeping software. Will this benefit my business?

Absolutely! It is important to remember that accounting should be used as a tool to help you better understand your business. All businesses should be keeping accurate financial records to monitor their successes, identify weaknesses, plan for the future, and set appropriate goals. An accounting software not only makes it easier to input/track this financial data, but it also allows you to run reports that will give you the insight you need to run your business.

What topics will we cover during our bookkeeping/accounting counseling sessions?

We will tailor each session to best fit the needs of your business. We might spend an entire session on the basic fundamentals of QuickBooks Online, or we might spend the entire session creating a bookkeeping workflow that you can handle on a regular basis. Our sessions will not cover any topics relating to payroll or income taxes.

What is QuickBooks Online®?

QuickBooks Online® ( is a cloud-based accounting platform specifically designed for small business owners. From one central location you can manage your bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory, bills, and easily generate financial reports for your business. All features can be accessed and managed from a web-browser or using the mobile application which means you don't have to worry about backing up or securing your financial data.

What if I prefer to use QuickBooks Desktop or another accounting software instead of QuickBooks Online?

There are many different types of accounting software available to small business owners. If you are happy and organized in your current accounting software, we are pleased to offer counseling on the basic bookkeeping workflow and basic understanding of financial statements.

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