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The Individual Development Account (IDA) Program is designed to help low to moderate income and low to moderate wealth individuals and families leverage a modest income into long lasting prosperity and provide a road-map for lasting social and economic stability. The WWBC IDA Program is available to all Wyoming residents and primarily consists of women, people of color, people with disabilities and individuals with low to moderate incomes and low wealth. The WWBC is particularly committed to working with parents of young children and people with disabilities to improve their overall quality of life through savings and financial literacy in conjunction with assisting individuals to start and expand small businesses within the State of Wyoming.

Individual Development Accounts are matched savings accounts that can help you save money towards starting or expanding your own business, purchasing or repairing a home, or continuing your education which will assist you in starting or improving your business. You will learn to set financial goals and develop a plan to reach them, and how to use credit wisely and make informed spending decisions. You will also develop skills related to your savings goal which for most clients results in the development of a business plan for their desired business!

The WWBC offers two IDA programs – the WWBC IDA Program and the WWBC Fast Track IDA Program. For the traditional IDA Program, each participant will develop his/her own savings plan based upon the participants end goal, but generally, should plan to save between $25 and $55 per month for a period ranging between 12 months to 3 years. The first $2,000 of the participants savings will be matched by grant funds from the WWBC, which will be paid directly to the asset vendor once the participant completes the required trainings and savings goal. Please review the WWBC IDA Program Information to determine eligibility.

The new Fast Track IDA plan allows for a shorter savings period. The recipient will save for a period of 3 – 11 months with a maximum match of $1,000. To participate in the Fast Track IDA the participant must already have been in business for a minimum of 2 years.


Please complete both the SBA Form 641 and WWBC IDA Application below and submit to:

Dave Weston, Interim Microloan Manager


Your signature is required on the SBA Form 641 and it provides permission for the WWBC to discuss all aspects of your business and application while maintaining confidentiality. We cannot provide counseling to you without retaining a valid signature.


Please use your electronic signature on the SBA Form 641 below or print and sign prior to submission.


Your signature is required on WWBC IDA Application. Please complete all sections on the application then print and sign prior to submission. 



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