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Musician Finds Music Growth & Business Knowledge Through Funding

Madelaine German grew up singing in a prestigious children’s choir that allowed her to travel, sing in venues such as the White House and Carnegie Hall, and experience a realm of music styles and studies. She would continue to build on those experiences in high school and college as she studied vocal music, and would eventually go on to develop her own style of “hybrid” soundscape scores. As a studied composer, songwriter and performer, Madelaine no-doubt knew her music, her talent, her style and that she wanted it all for her career. But the business side of her studio needed more.


“As an original musician I have been in desperate need of a home digital audio workstation,” said German, “an asset which essentially allows me to begin recording, distributing, and cash-flowing off of my product, which is my original music.”


So German approached the Wyoming Women’s Business Center for help in funding her music career and studio. She participated in the IDA Program, a matching savings account. Over the course of a year, German was required to save $2,000, an amount which was matched. 


The funding from the WWBC was used as seed money to set up German’s home studio, a basic recording setup which will allow her to build off of for years. The funding also allowed German to do business that she wasn't able to previously do – record and edit music via a Digital Audio Workstation.


“I've already completed several scores for local creative entities, and through my music instruction have been able to teach some of my students about the process of recording music,” said German. “I've also recorded my first radio single, which I'm using as the track for my first music video, a collaborative project that boosted the careers and portfolios of over 10 local artists from various disciplines - from costume to graphic design. And this is only the beginning!”


Not only did German find the funding she needed through the program to build her studio recording equipment, but also found that the program provided other intrinsic benefits that she didn’t expect.


“Receiving support from the WWBC is an extremely validating thing,” said German. “Much of the journey of a business person is a very personal one, and it can be tough to get your own thing up and going, especially in the beginning when it feels like you're putting in so much energy and time for little to negative financial reward. Receiving assistance from the WWBC helped not only to improve my business, but it also helped to boost my morale.”


The program required financial management courses and a complete business plan submission, which German completed. And although a musician’s greatest asset is their talent, German’s business side of the studio was lacking. Through the training, German gleaned business skills that she didn’t have the opportunity to develop in her musical past.


“[Those were] very empowering elements to my growth as a businesswoman,” said German “Completing both the financial management course and also my business plan changed my perspective on many things and brought some important business issues to light and into focus for me, all of which greatly aided in my business's strategic growth.”


Through the funding, German brought on a cast of 6 rotating musicians with whom she plays in the band Maddy and the Groove Spots.  In addition, she says that being able to record and share her music and music videos has created opportunities for a crew of over 15 creatives to use those final products as portfolio pieces. 


“I feel so blessed and full of gratitude to have access to the skills and expertise of a personalized business advisor like Kim,” said German. “It feels like I can call up my business ‘mom’ at any time with any question, and having access to that resource is so empowering on so many levels. On the ground level, knowledge is power, and having access to knowledge allows me to do things with my career I never would have before dreamed possible.”


German said that the experience in working with the Wyoming Women’s Business Center also brought to light the many obstacles and stigmas that women face in their careers.


“We are on the crest of a shifting cultural consciousness where many of us are doing things like having independent music careers as a female artist that perhaps our mothers could have never imagined having,” said German. “I feel so deeply grateful to be in a time, day and age where I may utilize a resource like the WWBC and the advice and availability of a woman like Kim.”

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