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Women-Owned Spotlight


“I can’t do it all,” founder and owner of Mosaic Planning Group, Mia Murdock, said of her quickly expanding insurance advisory firm. 


In the Spring of 2020, social media posts and free webinars from the Wyoming Women’s Business Center’s (WWBC) Business Education and COVID-19 Support Programs caught the attention of her and her, then, team of two. Murdock was set to continue the Jackson, WY-based company’s positive growth and sought objective support.


Murdock was able to work one-on-one with WWBC’s Business Counselor Jonathan Howdeshell on strategizing her company’s expansion. “It’s invaluable that [business counseling is] a free resource,” Murdock said, “To be able to spend an hour on the phone and never get an invoice, that was really helpful.” In exploring Mosaic Planning Group’s growth trajectory, Murdock was able to reconnect to her passion for quality service and the need to allocate tasks to her team.


The WWBC’s COVID-19 Support Program’s B2B Digital Design Service funded Murdock’s partnership with a regional graphic designer to refresh her website design. Additionally, she hired a social media contractor to offload the management of Mosaic Planning Group’s management digital presence. 


“Being able to delegate some of those things has been a breath of fresh air for me,” she said. “Trying to do all those things is not effective.”


“[I feel] confidence knowing that we are on a good path,” Murdock said of her expanding business.  “Continuing on that path towards growth is a positive thing.” 


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