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Grooming Business Finds Fast Growth with Focus on Personalized Care

Jana Feddock had been in the grooming industry for almost three decades. She had worked for multiple employers in multiple states. She had become not just a groomer, but had experience grooming show dogs, working for vets and training dogs. She knew behavioral tricks and knew the health issues to watch for in each breed.


In a nutshell, when it came to dogs, she knew her stuff.


She also knew that she had the stuff to offer a better grooming experience in town, and saw a need. With so much industry experience under her belt, Feddock decided to take the leap to start on her own.


“I wanted to offer a better quality grooming service, and educate my clients,” says Feddock. “I wanted to be the best groom shop in town.”


And so in 2014, she approached a local Casper bank for a business loan to start her own grooming business, but they were unable to provide the loan.


"My bank told me about the Wyoming Women’s Business Center (WWBC), and said I would be a good candidate for the assistance,” says Feddock. She moved forward and approached the WWBC to inquire about assistance, and a plan was put into place.


“We were able to work through her projections and business plan, and put together a loan,” says Waldo Smith, Director of Microlending for the WWBC.  Feddock says she helped Smith to understand how a groom shop worked, and the supplies and equipment needed to open a door and bring in a dog. A loan of over $25,000 from the WWBC was put together based on those details.


In August of 2015, the doors of her own groom shop opened in Casper, WY – The Groomer. The shop offers exceptional bathing, brushing, trimming, odor removal, free nail trimming, among other grooming services, and all with a focus on personalized kindness and knowledge.


The Groomer started small with just one table, but with a whole lot of experience.


“My experience in the industry gave me a leg up,” she says. “I could give my clients advice on how to train their dogs, and make it a great experience.  Working for vets, I also understood health issues in different breeds, and could make clients aware if there was something going on with their dog.”


People noticed. The Groomer hit a nerve in the community, and the result was impressive growth.


“I started my business with 246 clients in August of 2015, and now in 2018 we have over 2,000 clients,” says Feddock. “This year we received The Readers Choice Awards for #1 Groomer in Casper, which is voted on by the public. I was very proud of that. It means we made a positive impact on the grooming community, and that was my goal.”


Feddock, even through The Groomer’s growth, hasn’t wavered on the level of quality and care she demands for the business.


“I have 6 employees – 5 full time and 1 part – and the girls really live up to my high standards,” says Feddock. “I don’t hire anyone who doesn’t.”


The Groomer is now looking to expand with further financial assistance for building updates, and additional kennels and tables. Smith and the WWBC have also been pleased with Feddock’s successes.


“We’re always looking through our loan clients to identify individuals who have shown growth in their business, either through profits or increasing their number of employees or total sales,” says Smith. “The Groomer was nominated to be featured because Jana has demonstrated through her management style that she could really start and grow her business well, and pay back her loan efficiently.”


On the other side, Feddock says she sees tremendous benefit from working with the WWBC.


“The biggest benefit I see from working with them is personal touch. Period,” she says. “It’s not all emails or conference calls. Waldo came to Casper to go over everything right here, and he stops in to see how it’s all going. I’m not a number with them.”


Nor are you at The Groomer. And so the two will continue to share that quality, personalized value that clients take note of.


“Our biggest goal at The Groomer will continue to be to make every single grooming experience a great one.”

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